Today’s Solutions: December 05, 2021

After waiting years for the city to fix their streets, a resident of the Irish Channel neighborhood in New Orleans did something a bit outside the box to get the attention of city officials: he listed a local pothole on Airbnb. The listing is called “Homer’s Hideout”, and the description of it reads as such: “Open-air living, with the comforts of rural camping—including a few early-morning yelps from local coyotes.”

The pictures show a decorated pothole with a stuffed Homer Simpson doll sitting on a couch next to a pink Barbie jeep. The Airbnb listing lasted for three weeks, collecting a wave of Instagram likes and social media attention that eventually found its way to the city.

On August 14, a crew of city workers showed up to fix the street. Turning potholes into public art is a time-honored way of calling attention to municipal neglect, but this one of the funniest ways we’ve seen to date.

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