Today’s Solutions: July 02, 2022

Driving can be very stressful, particularly if you are stuck in heavy traffic or are an inexperienced driver. This stress will eventually take its toll on the heart, but recent research shows that your car stereo might be the best passenger to keep the stress away.

The new research paper, published in the journal Complementary Therapies in Medicine, reports the encouraging results of a study involving inexperienced drivers, noting that listening to music while driving helps relieve the stress that affects heart health. Past research has shown that experiencing frequent psychological stress during your daily commute can be a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease

What’s important to note is that certain music genres can actually have a more successful stress-relieving effect. For instance, listing to instrumental, low-arousal music while driving appears to have the most relaxing effect on people, reducing their risk of cardiac stress.

Next time you’re behind the wheel and you’re feeling that your stress levels are about to go haywire, try tuning in to a classical music radio station and see if it calms you a bit while you drive.

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