Today’s Solutions: May 23, 2022

Great. You went all Marie Kondo on your house and now you have a bunch of stuff you want to get rid of. Dumping it in the trash is definitely not an option, so what can you do? Here you’ll find some tips for properly disposing of items that people commonly try to get rid of.

Tech: If you have an old phone or smartphone, try to sell it. There are online vendors that will take your used device off your hands and give you something for it. Decluttr, for example, will give you a tentative quote on your phone or tech (it also takes CDs, DVDs, games, books, and Lego). Another great option is to donate to charity. There are plenty of organizations that will gladly take it, such as the World Computer Exchange, which sends refurbished computers to education centers in developing countries. And if you’re tech is just too old, skip the trash can and check online to see where your local e-waste facility is. There they can properly dispose of it.

Clothing: You can divide clothing sites into three categories: ones that handle the latest stylish and expensive clothing and jewelry, ones that handle major middle-level brands, and dealers in traditional discount leftovers. For high-end stuff, try consignment companies such as TheRealRealRebag, and Vestiaire Collective. For less upscale clothing, sites like Tradesy handle both upscale and mid-priced clothing, shoes, and jewelry. Tradesy offers a straightforward commission, although it will check if there is any question about the authenticity of the label. As for your older clothing articles, check which local charities that will take them off your hands. Goodwill usually does, but if they don’t, other places such as Vietnam Veterans of America might take them off your hands.

Books: If you can’t get anyone to take your books on Amazon, try popular resellers such as Powell’s or AbeBooks. You give them the ISBN and the condition of the book(s), and they will give you a quote. Then, you mail the books to them and reap your reward. If you just want to get rid of your books and aren’t worried about getting paid, there are sites like Better World Books, a for-profit company with drop-off boxes around the country, that uses a percentage of its earnings to promote literacy. You can also go local and drop your books off at a library, a used bookstore, or even a hospital waiting room.

Need advice for getting rid of all your other old stuff? Check out the ultimate guide from The Verge here.

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