Today’s Solutions: September 25, 2022

Whether from a big workout, a long day at work, or a new activity, we’ve all experienced muscle fatigue. And like all muscles in the body, the small muscles of the eyes get tired from overuse. Eyes can become especially exhausted and stressed out from having to sit in an office and look at a screen all day.

There are, however, some simple exercises for your eyes to help keep them in good shape and prevent strain. The following three, for example, can offer relief and have a soothing effect on tension-derived headaches:

Eye Stretch

Just like your other muscles, eyes benefit from stretching. Start by looking up, down, left, and right. Hold each stationary position for the duration of one breath—for example: inhale and look up; exhale and look down.

Looking Into the Distance

This simple exercise requires that you change your focus from near objects to far objects. Focus in on something close, like your own raised hand, and shift to something far, like that dog walker across the street. Changing depth helps your eyes loosen up and stay healthy.

Around the Eyes

Stretching the small muscles around the eyes is also important for preventing them from getting exhausted. Using the pads of the fingers try massaging your temples while gently pulling the skin back toward the hairline. This self-massage will help your eyes feel rejuvenated. 

If your legs were sore, you would stretch out your calves and hamstrings. So why not give your eyes the same pampered treatment? If your eye muscles are feeling fatigued from a long day, try these exercises to experience eye relief in no time!

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