Today’s Solutions: October 16, 2021

Negative energy can weigh down your day and 2020 certainly feels like it’s full of more negative vibes than previous years. Whether your feelings of despair are due to tangible events in your day or coming from some unknown source, here’s how to clear away that negative energy. 

Before you can begin banishing negativity in the world around you, you must expel it from yourself. Visualization is a great strategy for releasing your own negativity. Close your eyes in a calm space and image your feelings of negativity as a ball within yourself. Maybe even reflect on what led to those feelings. Take deep breaths and imagine this ball of bad feelings being released from your body. You can also take a hot bath and picture the negativity seeping out into the water around you. 

Sometimes it feels like negativity is coming from the space around us. Being cooped up and isolated in our homes can definitely make it feel like our four walls are working against us. Spiritual teachers recommend spraying saltwater or burning sage to help cleanse your home of negative energy. For a more tangible energy shakeup, try changing up your workspace, getting a houseplant, or reorganizing your space to make it feel more inviting and inspiring. 

It’s not easy to change our outlook once we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but clearing out negative energy from your body and home can help reorient your mindset and get you focused back on optimism. Once you’ve banished negativity, set an intention for your day focused on positivity and achieve your goals by practicing strategies for boosting energy and focus listed in this article.

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