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How to avoid procrastination when taking virtual classes

If you’re a student taking college classes virtually, it can be more difficult to focus and much more tempting to procrastinate. Fortunately, we have four strategies to help you focus on online classes and avoid procrastination. 

  1. Manage your motivation. Students are more likely to procrastinate when they feel that assignments and work are not directly relevant to achieving their future goals. Remind yourself of the big picture and remember how every little task fits into this larger goal. For example, one project could become part of your professional portfolio that lands you your future dream job. 
  2. Manage tasks and time. Even during a pandemic, college students lead hectic lives. Manage your time more effectively by breaking down large tasks into smaller, more manageable pieces. If you have a 45-minute window of free time, use it to write just the introduction to your research paper rather than telling yourself it isn’t enough time to complete the entire assignment. 
  3. Create an optimal learning space. Without study rooms or your campus library to study in, it can be difficult to find a space that is conducive to learning. Take the time to set up an at-home workspace that is comfortable and free of distractions. Make sure it has good light, a comfortable seat, and maybe even a plant to keep you company. 
  4. Lean on your friends. Research shows that 70 percent of college students procrastinate. Work with friends to hold each other accountable. This will not only help keep you on track, but encouragement from friends will also boost your confidence and motivation. 

Despite best efforts to make online courses engaging and rewarding, we are all more tempted to procrastinate when we’re working at home with distractions all around. Use these tips to stay focused and achieve the learning goals that will serve you long after the pandemic.

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