Study links mushroom consumption to lowered risk of cancer | The Optimist Daily
Today’s Solutions: July 13, 2024

We at The Optimist Daily are no stranger to the power of mushrooms. These versatile fungi can be used to make sustainable clothing, treat depression, and even build decomposable coffins. Now, a new study from Penn State College of Medicine indicates that mushroom consumption could help protect against cancer. 

The study analyzed 17 cancer studies from 1966 to 2020 and found that people who incorporated any variety of mushrooms into their daily diets had a lower risk of cancer. Specifically, those who ate 18 grams of mushrooms daily had a 45 percent lower risk of cancer compared to those who did not eat mushrooms. 

The researchers believe this health benefit is tied to mushrooms’ high concentration of ergothioneine, a unique and potent antioxidant. Diving deeper, the researchers found that mushroom consumption is particularly beneficial in terms of preventing breast cancer. 

More research is needed to determine the exact link between mushrooms and better health, but this study is a great starting point and for those looking to give themselves a health boost, consider throwing some extra mushrooms into your diet today.

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