Today’s Solutions: January 30, 2023

New York’s iconic Times Square will soon transform into an art installation by the Italian artist and architect Cosimo Scotucci named “Spectrum, a monument for diversity.”

The intricate urban-land-art installation is inspired by the concept behind Isaac Newton’s discovery of the color spectrum in the 17th century. Before Newton, people understood white light as pure and colorless, however, after experimenting with sunlight and prisms, Newton discovered that white light contains a wide range of beautiful colors.

Scotucci hopes that this message of diversity will radiate through Spectrum, saying, “Every person is unique, every individual is a single shade in the full display of color that we call humanity.”

He plans to transform the multitudes of screens and billboards into monochrome color displays which will continuously change throughout the day to showcase the full scope of varying tones, which he hopes will be a lesson of unity, and will provoke viewers to celebrate color and all that makes us unique and human.

Source Image: Architect Magazine

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