Today’s Solutions: October 25, 2021

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and even though some might insist that they don’t need anything, the celebration is still the perfect time to show moms everywhere how much we appreciate them. Outdo yourself this year by honoring both mom and mother nature by giving something thoughtful and sustainable. Here are some ideas for eco-friendly gifts that your mom is sure to love.

Jewelry from Smiling Rocks. Mined diamonds have a horrible impact on the environment and human health however Smiling Rocks diamonds are lab-grown and chemically identical to mined diamonds! As an added plus, some of the profits of your sparkly purchase will go to scholarships for kids, medical services for under-served communities, and animal conservation efforts.

Salad bowls and serving trays. Pacific Merchants offers a variety of bowls handcrafted from acacia wood. Acacia wood has a tight grain which makes it resistant to stains, odors, or water penetration. Most importantly, it’s responsibly harvested in a way that protects rare and threatened forest species and lasts longer than bamboo. Pacific Merchants Trading ensures that Indigenous communities also benefit from their forestry operation and participates in a tree replanting program, too.

Habit Cosmetics. Habit Cosmetics are vegan, packaged sustainably, and founded by Aja Frierson, a woman of color who ensures that a wide range of skin tones are included in her cosmetic line. If your mom is a fan of nail polish, then look no further than Habit Cosmetics; 40 percent of retail sales from certain shades of nail polish go directly to charitable causes.

Sustainable clothing. There are plenty of sustainable clothing options out there. For instance, Deadstock Collection specializes in clothes made with deadstock fabric that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Butterfly feeder. Go old-school DIY with a handcrafted butterfly feeder made by your own two hands! Repurpose wine bottles, jars, and plates to create a butterfly center that will bring delightful butterflies into your mom’s garden while supporting pollinators. If you need some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, click here.

Vegan charcuterie board. If your mom is a foodie, then treat her to a delicious vegan charcuterie board. Cutting out meat is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment. If your mom isn’t totally convinced to scale down her meat or meat by-product intake, perhaps impressing her with some vegan cheeses may change her mind.

Conscious Step socks. Conscious Step offers personalized gift boxes filled with vegan, fair-trade, organic cotton socks. Give your mom a gift that supports her favorite cause with themes that range from the “Down Under” box which includes socks printed with orange kangaroos, blue crocs, or green koalas and supports Wildlife Warriors in Australia, to the “Socks that Plant Trees” box that supports Trees for the Future.

Sustainable wine. If you and your mom are both wine enthusiasts, then intertwine that love with your passion for sustainability with a bottle of Dry Farm Wines. Dry Farm Wines sources organic, natural, and biodynamic wines from across the globe. If one bottle isn’t enough, go for the gift that keeps on giving with their subscription wine boxes.

Tea strainer mug. Ten Thousand Villages presents gorgeous all-in-one tea maker mugs that use loose-leaf teas which avoid the waste and microplastics caused by teabags. The mugs, handmade in Nepal by independent producers, are created in partnership with fair-trade organization Sana Hastakala.

Yoga mat made from old wetsuits. If your mom is already a yogi, or if you’re convincing her to give yoga a try, then the SugaMat is the perfect gift. SugaMat makes mats that are 5mm thick and come in a couple of different lengths to accommodate all bodies. The best part is that SugaMat makes their products from recycled wetsuits, so giving her this mat will show mom how much you care, not just for her but for the environment.

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