Today’s Solutions: December 05, 2021

Mountain pose, also known as Tadasana, is a foundational pose in yoga practice and one of the simplest to execute, but the benefits it offers for your body are actually quite extensive. Yoga has been shown to reduce stress, improve focus, and yield greater physical health. If you’re looking to start your day with some relaxation, a simple mountain pose hold could do the trick with these benefits.

  1. Promotes good posture. Mountain pose has been shown to soothe neck and back pain and strengthen muscles surrounding the spine to prevent injury. Holding your back straight and your head high promotes better posture all day long. 
  2. Improves flexibility. Standing tall with intention lengths the spine and promotes better flexibility. You may find that regular mountain poses enhance your ability to sink deeper into other yoga poses. 
  3. Improves self-esteem. Research has shown that a powerful stance can lead to more confidence and self-esteem. Just two minutes of mountain pose each day can give you a real confidence boost!
  4. Strengthens legs and abs. Mountain pose is not simply standing, it also engages your legs and abdominal muscles. When done correctly, this can help make you stronger and prevent injury. 
  5. Improves digestion. Engaging your core promotes healthy digestion, so mountain pose could help you process food better. One study found that six months of regular mountain pose practice reduced symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. 
  6. Improves balance. Balance is a huge component of yoga, and standing tall and still can help you feel more steady and strengthen the muscles involved in balance. 

For those intimidated by yoga, mountain pose is a great place to start. It will help you practice the core engagement and stillness required for more complex moves and give you a great foundation to build upon with other poses.

To practice mountain pose, stand with your feet parallel and as close together as possible. Engage your quads and abs, release your shoulder blades down your back, and hold your arms by your side with your palms facing forwards. Hold this for as long as you would like, taking deep breaths and sinking deeper into your pose with every exhale.

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