Today’s Solutions: July 07, 2022

Last year, we wrote about Protozoon, the world’s first-ever 3D-printed floating house. Now, Buřinka, the same Czech group that built the 3D-printed floating structure, has 3D-printed the world’s first parkour playground.

The result of a partnership between the private sector, the public sphere, and research ventures, the playground spans 14 by 12 meters in size and uses cast rubber for the impact area, with individual obstacles made of sustainable concrete. Each obstacle has been printed on a frame printer using recycled concrete, known as rebetong, in collaboration with researchers from the Brno University of Technology.

The 3D-printed playground, designed by architect Daniel Samek, will become part of the new leisure area at Kupecký Elementary School in Prague and is expected to open at the end of coming September 2021. As reported by Inhabitat, Samek was drawn to the project for its accessibility, as parkour doesn’t require any expensive equipment and can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

“There are many playgrounds for preschoolers, but older children don’t have many options, so we decided to use innovative 3D printing technology to create a parkour playground,” said Libor Vošický, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Buřinka. “At the same time, we want to confirm the benefits of using recycled concrete, so-called rebetong. It is another milestone in the use of this innovative technology.”

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