Today’s Solutions: October 04, 2022

Replacing single-use plastic or styrofoam take-out containers with biodegradable, organic, and compostable alternatives isn’t a new solution, however, tableware design company Wasara has effectively elevated the concept.

Normally, disposable tableware sticks to the basics: plates, bowls, and perhaps utensils. Wasara, on the other hand, designed an entire line of tableware, complete with bowls, serving dishes, serving spoons, cups, pourers, plates of varying sizes, and bamboo knives and forks. All these items are compostable and made of renewable, organic ingredients that are easily broken down and don’t leave any toxic materials behind.

The variety within Wasara’s complete tableware line is certainly an advantage, but what’s even more impressive is its beautiful and functional design. Disposable tableware is likely not your first choice if you are setting the table for a fancy dinner party, but Wasara will make you reconsider. Each piece is inspired by the flowing lines of nature and is meant to complement any of your dishes with its elegance and simplicity.

Instead of paper, the tableware is made of bamboo, one of the world’s fastest-growing grass, and bagasse, the fiber that is left behind once the juice has been extracted from sugarcane. Approximately 100 million tons of bagasse are generated every year, so there is no lack of material, plus it acts as a perfect paper-like base.

The set is currently available on Wasara’s website and on other online retailers but hopes to become more widely available as their company grows along with the public’s desire to be more environmentally conscious.

Source Image: WASARA Co., Ltd.

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