Today’s Solutions: December 08, 2023

Research shows that only 19 percent of people stick to their New Years’ resolutions, but perhaps that’s because we’re resetting our habits at the wrong time of year. Anytime is a good time to start adopting healthier habits, but if you’re looking for a season to commit to new goals, fall might actually be better than January. Here’s why you should opt for fall resolutions this year.

Fall is a natural reset 

For our entire childhood, we were programmed to think of fall as the start of the year, and for many parents, this is still the case. The end of summer feels like a natural change of pace and reset as we refocus for the fall. This natural sense of reset makes it a better time for our brain to grasp new routines and focus on new challenges.

We’re well rested 

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, many of us hit January burnt out and in need of rest. Fall on the other hand comes after a summer of rest and relaxation, making it a perfect time to hit the ground running on new healthy habits.

You’ve got more time 

After a busy summer and back-to-school season, many people’s calendars tend to calm down a bit, plus, if you’re a parent, kids are back in school which frees up some more personal time. Take advantage of this time to work on your goals and resolutions.

It fits into the ‘nine week rule’

Contemporary studies suggest that it takes our brain 66 days, or roughly nine weeks, to form a long-lasting habit. If you start this week, you will have roughly nine weeks until Halloween, giving you the perfect time frame to solidify those resolutions. It’s another 12 weeks to Thanksgiving, so you can fully solidify your new healthy habits before the holiday season even starts!

We are creatures of habit, so adopting resolutions is tough any time of year, but these advantages might just make your fall resolutions more successful than your New Years’ ones. Whether you’re trying to eat healthy, learn an instrument, exercise regularly, read more books, or just stop watching so much TV, why not get a jump start with the new season and master them four months early?

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