Today’s Solutions: December 04, 2021

For those who live in seasonal parts of the country, working from home may start feeling more confining as the days get colder and darker, preventing us from opening our windows or from setting up our office on our sunny balconies and backyards.

This may make us more susceptible to anxiety and depression during work hours, and we may find ourselves getting caught up in the web of anxiety and seemingly insurmountable stress. Here are five meaningful practices that you can try to handle work anxiety, whether you’re at home or in the office.

Practice mediation to give your mind a mental break

Our brains are constantly receiving noisy, visually stimulating messages that can clutter our minds and fluster our focus. To allow yourself to reset, simply give yourself a few minutes to breathe deeply, relax, and practice gratitude. If meditation doesn’t work for you, then recite a familiar prayer, read something that inspires you, or simply sit in silence without pressuring yourself into meditation. This way, your mind will be able to recharge itself and let go of any negativity that might impede your productivity.

Communicate your anxiety to your coworkers

You are part of a team for a reason. Openly communicating your worries and concerns about projects you have on your plate is a way to tether a hard-working team together and will demonstrate your ability to humble yourself and ask for help. Doing so facilitates the cultivation of a stronger community that allows each member to be lifted, together.

Keeping your anxiety and stress to yourself may cause you to change your attitude without realizing it and may send a negative message to your colleagues. Instead, finding a way to share your struggles in a professional way can pave the way for mutual understanding and collaborative solutions.

Use visuals and music as calming rituals

Art is a source of inspiration that can help you get through analytical tasks, tedious projects, and otherwise mundane work. You can create a sense of peace within your workspace by curating a work playlist that uplifts you without distracting you from the task at hand. Plus, the sense of familiarity lets your mind motivate itself throughout the workday.

Take time to exercise daily

Regular exercise has many physical benefits, but it also makes it easier for us to be happy and productive. Strength training and cardio both release endorphins that make people feel happier and give you an outlet for the anxiety and stress that may be building throughout the day. Commit to working out for at least 15 to 30 minutes a day, and you will experience an enhancement in your quality of life and your general health.

Tackle things one step at a time

Do not fall into the trap of believing you must do it all, all at once, to be perceived as successful at work. Instead, pace yourself by filling your calendar with your project deadlines, and schedule your days intentionally so that you can make the most of your personal peak times when you work the most effectively.

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