Today’s Solutions: January 25, 2022

A new shop in Bristol called Electric Avenue pop-up is restoring unwanted electronics before giving them away this holiday season. Bristol’s residents can bring all types of items such as lamps, keyboards, and kitchen appliances to be cleaned, repaired, safety checked, and most importantly, diverted from landfills.

This novel approach to combat e-waste and consumerism is part of a pilot project run by the environmental charity Hubbub, along with the Bristol Waste Company and environmental compliance firm Ecosurety. The team hopes that the pop-up will show people the value of second-hand electronics while bringing awareness to the ecological damage that e-waste has on the planet.

“Whilst it’s easy to be lured by Black Friday deals, our electrifying new pop-up shop aims to challenge the need to buy brand new and shines a spotlight on the value of electrical items that are often disposed of when they’re no longer needed,” explains Hubbub co-founder Gavin Ellis.

“Many of us have unused electronics gathering dust in their home and we’re keen to show these items can go on to have another life, bringing joy to another household without the environmental or financial cost.”

Those who visit the pop-up are also motivated to donate unwanted electrical items they may have in their possession. Anyone who donates something will be entered into a raffle to win a £50 voucher for the city’s Reuse Shop, which has a range of secondhand items for sale.

The Electric Avenue pop-up store opened on Black Friday, the 26th of November, and will remain open until the 5th of December.

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