Today’s Solutions: May 19, 2024

Inflammation is nothing to fear. It’s a natural and needed process in the body, helping to direct blood flow, immune cells, and nutrients to areas in need of healing. But when inflammation gets out of hand or occurs in the wrong place, it can result in tissue damage, hormonal imbalances, and even death.

If you’re experiencing too much inflammation, you don’t necessarily need to get medicine prescribed. All you really need is to shake up your lifestyle a bit.

Eat real, whole foods

The first thing you should do is fill up with fresh, unprocessed foods. Adopt an anti-inflammatory diet full of colorful vegetables, natural fiber, and probiotics. Other foods that have anti-inflammatory properties include berries, dark leafy greens, and herbs like basil and parsley.

Reduce your stress levels

Another way to combat inflammation is by reducing your stress levels. Research suggests that chronic psychological stress results in the body losing its ability to regulate the inflammatory response. To cope with stress, try spending more time in nature, practicing meditation, or simply getting more rest.

Take care of your teeth and mouth

Lastly, if you want to keep inflammation levels low, keep your oral health in check! It may sound strange, but bad dental hygiene can contribute to increased inflammation. By incorporating some good dental habits in your life such as oil pulling and tongue scraping, you will both reduce your overall levels of inflammation and improve your smile.

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