Today’s Solutions: June 26, 2022

Cleaning your plants may seem trivial, but there is scientific support behind keeping your leafy friends squeaky clean. The stomata and chlorophyll of plants, which absorb carbon dioxide and help perform photosynthesis, can be clogged and blocked by dirt and dust. Cleaning your plants helps ensure they stay healthy and continue to clean your home’s air.

Don’t want to spend valuable hours cleaning individual leaves? Here are some tips for quick plant hygiene:

Take a shower

Put your plants in the tub and give them a quick rinse. Shake out extra water and your plants are clean, watered, and ready to go. If you have a small shower or don’t have a detachable showerhead, bathing the plants in your sink is also a great option.

Use a feather duster

This is a great technique for your more delicate or hydration-sensitive plants, and it can be easily worked into your regular dusting schedule.

Take them outside 

Putting your plants out when it rains or using the shower setting on your garden hose is fast and keeps the mess out of your house.

Use a mister

Regular misting with a handheld bottle should keep that pesky dust away and make sure your plants have an even daily watering.

While you’re at it, clear out any dead leaves and look for signs of bugs to give your plant an extra helping hand. So, return the life-giving favor our plants give to us by taking a moment out of the day to keep them clean and healthy.

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