Today’s Solutions: June 27, 2022

The days are getting longer and warmer, so if you’re a house plant fanatic like us at The Optimist Daily, then you’re probably noticing that your house plants are starting to perk up after a dark and cold winter.

Outdoor plants are more in touch with the seasons, but indoor plants need a bit of assistance from their loving caretakers to nudge them in the right direction. Here’s what to do to make sure your house plants are ready for spring.


According to Joyce Mast, also known as “Plant Mom” from Bloomscape, dust provides the ideal breeding ground for insects and pests. So, make sure to gently wipe down leaves with a damp cloth. Remember to take advantage of this time to take note of each plant’s health.


It’s natural for there to be some yellowing or dead leaves on your beloved plants after a long winter, but in order to make sure your plant maximizes its energy on the newest and healthiest leaves, it’s best to remove some of the unhealthy areas. Mast suggests trimming and removing leaves with clean, sharp scissors or pruning shears, and to wipe the blades with rubbing alcohol between each snip.


As the days grow longer, the lighting in your house will shift as well, so be sure to reassess your plant’s position based on what kind of light each part of your house gets at different times of the day. Some might just need to be moved a couple of inches over, while others might benefit from an entirely different area of the house.


House plants may sometimes outgrow their pots in the winter months, so spring is an ideal time to repot them. To see if a plant needs repotting, check to see if there are roots peeking out of the drainage holes or if they’re reaching the top layer of soil.


Don’t forget to feed your plants with plant food to give them an extra boost! Plant Mom suggests supplementing them with Epson salts to boost magnesium, as too little magnesium often causes yellowing.

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