Today’s Solutions: December 08, 2023

Do Mondays just get you down? Most of us are no strangers to the weekend nostalgia of the Monday blues. If you find yourself feeling sluggish or bummed out at the start of your workweek, check out these tips for starting your week off on the right foot.

Keep up with weekend self-care

Weekends might be for letting loose but keeping up with routines and taking care of yourself remains important. This includes maintaining a steady sleep cycle and fitting in a full 8 to 9 hours each night.

Disconnect over the weekend

Make sure your weekends are truly relaxing and rejuvenating.

Get a head start on important tasks

If you have an important deadline or busy week ahead, take a bit of Sunday to get your affairs in order. But don’t let work infiltrate your whole weekend, remember this is your time to rest so you can perform your best when the working week begins.

Avoid over-scheduling on Monday

Plan ahead and spread tasks throughout the week.

Write down your worries

What am I feeling? What is causing this feeling? How can I best address it? Asking yourself these questions can help get to the bottom of why you may have some apprehension when Monday comes around and could help you more quickly find the solution.

Find the source of your lack of motivation

Is there something at work that has you down, or are you straight up bored? Considering different ways to think about those negative feelings can add meaning back into your week. Being bored at work is a common problem but have no fear, this article has some solid advice to help you overcome this issue.

Reframe Mondays

See it as the gateway to a productive week, not the end of weekend glory.

Talk it out

Call a friend or family member on your work break to get some support. A problem shared is a problem halved.

Plan something fun

Perhaps a special coffee date or catch a movie after work, this way you mix up potentially monotonous weeks to keep you looking forward to something.

Do something nice for someone else

We all get the Monday blues, consider making your partner a special breakfast or bringing a coworker a bagel.

Treat yourself

Make Monday the day you treat yourself to a special latte or a piece of cake.

Ease up on Mondays

If they aren’t your strongest days, set Tuesday through Thursday as the powerhouse of your week.

Know when it’s more than just the blues

If you’re feeling constantly down at work, it may be time to address the issue with a therapist or consider a career change.

Mondays can be hard for anyone but changing how you approach them can make a world of difference. We find that starting our day by reading a few The Optimist Daily articles never fail to improve a Monday mindset!

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