Today’s Solutions: March 31, 2023

Most of us are loyal daily coffee drinkers, but the environmental impact of the industry from transportation emissions to disposable coffee cups can tarnish your daily cup of joe. Previously, we shared stories about coffee grounds being used for making sustainable sneakers and how you could use them to fertilize your garden. Today we bring you 9 more ways to be a conscientious coffee consumer.

Buy local and small

Buy locally-sourced, small-batch beans and talk to your roaster about their environmental practices.

Invest in a to-go cup

This one is old but still gold. Less waste and hotter coffee are a win-win!

Take 10 minutes to enjoy your coffee in the cafe

Enjoy the sights and save a disposable cup.

Use your strength

Hand-powered grinders give you electricity-free grinds and a good arm workout.

Use a manual brew system too

French press, pour-over, or cold brew yield delicious coffee with minimal energy use

Mind plastic waste

Avoiding straws is good, but also consider buying in bulk and using cloth coffee filters to truly minimize waste.

Say no to stirrers

A trusty spoon will do the trick waste-free. Don’t be afraid to ask for one at your local coffee shop or encourage them to provide them in lieu of stirrers.

Upcycle your grounds

If you don’t have composting, simply sprinkle them over your garden for added nutrients or even make an exfoliating body scrub out of them.

Drink your coffee black

It can be tough, but the dairy industry has an enormous carbon footprint. Opt for dairy-free alternative milk, or just enjoy the bold flavor of your roast without milk.

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