Today’s Solutions: December 08, 2022

Spring is here! It’s a beautiful time of rebirth where groundhogs pop their heads out of the ground, birds sing, and flowers bloom. Like millions of other people with seasonal allergies, though, you might find those blooming flowers to be a double-edged sword. You don’t want to miss out on the joys of spring, and maybe you have only recently developed allergies as an adult, so take a look at these tips from the Mayo Clinic for dealing with allergies this season. 

Reduce your exposure to allergens 
  • Try to stay indoors on dry, windy days. Your best time to go out would be right after rain, which clears pollen from the air. 
  • Try to avoid yard work if you can. Call in a favor and ask a friend or family member to mow your lawn or pull weeds, as these can stir up allergens. If you can’t avoid doing chores, try wearing a facemask. 
  • Clean your clothes when you come back inside, as there’s probably still pollen and other allergens, and take a shower to get them out of your hair. Oh, and don’t dry your clothes outside, not until summer anyway. 
Get ahead of your allergies
  • Check in with your local radio or TV station or check the internet to see if pollen counts are high when you need to go out. 
  • Try to avoid going out in the morning, when pollen counts are at their highest. 
  • It helps to get ahead of an allergic reaction — and why not avoid sneezing and runny nose, if you can? — so try to take your allergy medication before you’re exposed to allergens. 
Keep your indoor air allergy-free
  • Use your car and indoor air conditioner, remember to change the filters, and use high-efficiency ones. 
  • Keep a dehumidifier around to dry out the air inside your home. 
  • Indulge in a bit of spring cleaning, often, and keep your surfaces shiny and your rugs soft to make sure the allergens are wiped away. 

You can be proactive and take all these measures, but you might still find yourself a bit runny and sneezy. Try rinsing out your sinuses or any of these other medication-free remedies to help your nose. 

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