Today’s Solutions: September 26, 2022

Whether you’re a lawyer, a teacher, or even a zookeeper, strong writing skills are critical for success throughout the many branches of society. If you want your words to stand out in this text-based world, these nine simple tips will help you sharpen your writing skills.

Take some advice from the greats

The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E.B White is an incredible book that offers the greatest clues for how to write in a sharp, concise manner. 

Use the word you a lot

By identifying the benefit you’re offering to the reader, and then working it into a sentence that begins with the word you, you’ll be amazed how much stronger that makes your writing.

Create more powerful headlines

Your headlines shouldn’t introduce a topic, rather, they should make the most important concept clear from the start. This allows the reader to more successfully follow the text and engage throughout.

Cut to the chase

Make it easy for readers to learn what you want them to learn. Don’t force them to slog through information they don’t need to know. Get to the interesting stuff already. 

Spell out acronyms and technical terms

Not everyone will know what SPP stands for or what amortization is. Take a step back from your expertise and be sure to break down any technical terms to ensure the reader can follow the whole way through.

Eliminate the use of the passive voice

Choose your words wisely to make your text lively. Pepper your sentences with active verbs that cut straight to the point.

Use contractions

With contractions, you make your writing more conversational which actually helps the reader stay captivated and enjoy the text.

Create a table of contents that serves as a summary

If you’re making a longer piece, a good table of content will make it easier for people to quickly find what they need.

Seek constructive criticism

Ask someone you respect to review something you’ve written, listen to what the reviewer has to say and take the advice. It’s daunting to have someone criticize work that you’ve put a lot of time and effort into but remind yourself it’s all for the greater good and will help improve your writing skills.

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