Today’s Solutions: June 02, 2023

We, modern humans, have a knack for over-complicating our days. This may come from the expectations we build, the number of tasks we have to manage or simply fatigue from long weeks of restlessness. With that said, here is a list of things that will surely make your days simpler and more enjoyable.

Make some more time for sleep

Surely you have heard this before, but we’ll say it again: sleeping is essential for a good day! Enough consistent good sleep can make you feel more energized and help your brain function better. With a clear mind, you can better plan your day and avoid over-complicating things. If you want a simple trick to help you sleep better, check out this article.

Manage expectations

If your targets for the day are overly ambitious, you’re just going to find yourself scrambling to get things done which makes you feel more frustrated. Instead, make sure to set realistic targets and don’t forget to reward yourself after small successes. Importantly, remember to leave some room for unexpected events. This extra room for the unforeseen will make you feel at ease during your day. 

Curate your media

Your time is valuable and every source out there is trying to capture your attention. With so much information, it is really easy to feel overwhelmed. To fix this, choose just a few outlets that you enjoy and that inform you consistently.

Curate your friends

One usually feels some stress when you have too many commitments to handle, this doesn’t just include work but also friendships. If you feel overwhelmed, make sure to give yourself more time and spend it with the people you consider to be the most meaningful. 

Take a step back

Make sure you are giving yourself enough time to step back to reflect on your daily events and take in what you have learned. Writing down your thoughts will help you sort through the things that are floating in your mind.

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