Today’s Solutions: November 28, 2022

Photography is a powerful art form that can be universally understood no matter where you are from. No matter if you snap using your phone, a digital, or analog camera, the hobby is full of surprising benefits, here are five of them.

It’s a type of meditation

Photography focuses your mind on the here and now, making you completely present in the moment you are capturing. For this reason, it is a wonderful stress reliever and can lower anxiety levels.

Photography makes you see things you wouldn’t otherwise 

If there was an activity that makes you stop and smell the roses it’s photography. When you are searching for a shot you see the beauty in the little things you would otherwise pass by, like how the shadows from a tree create a beautiful pattern on the floor or how the angles of your roof create a sharp contrast with a clear sky.

Inspires your imagination

Photography is extremely creative as it makes you find new ways to capture moments. This could be from the angle you approach picturing something, the way in which you use lighting, or where you place the focus, it’s up to you!

Photography boosts your self-esteem 

The kick you get from taking a beautiful picture can do wonders for your self-esteem, especially when you get positive feedback from others in the photography community.

It preserves memories and creates immortality 

One of the best things about photography are the people and memories it captures. Being able to look at your family and friends when they were young is a wonderful experience and can make you more deeply understand who they are. Plus, for loved ones who have passed away, photographs can be a way to refresh your memory of their smiling face and allow them to live on forever.

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