Today’s Solutions: September 22, 2023

We at The Optimist Daily have written about the many positive aspects of biking as a form of recreation and transport. If more communities chose to develop infrastructure that favors bicycles over cars, our world would be a safer, greener, and healthier place.

Biking has grown in popularity since the commencement of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially in Europe. Across the continent, there were at least 1,000 km of cycle lanes created in the years immediately following the dawn of Covid-19 to meet the needs of the growing cyclist community.

For some who still have concerns about trading in their car for a bike, here are some green-tech innovations that just might convince you to become a cyclist.

Bikmo’s Bike Theft “Heat Map”

 If you know an experienced cyclist, chances are they have had an encounter with bike thieves at least once. The lack of security that comes with parking your bike in a public space is a problem that cycling insurance innovators Bikmo are addressing with the launch of their new comprehensive heat map.

The heat map helps bikers identify potential hotspots for reported thefts across England and Wales, as well as useful information on the safest places to leave your bike. To keep the map up-to-date, there is a month-by-month analysis of changes in your local area.

Vanmoof’s Trackable Bikes

This Amsterdam-based bicycle manufacturer offers high-tech e-bikes at an affordable price, with features that include rider recognition, pedal-powered charging, and theft defense through alarms.

Now, the company has announced that its S3 and XS models are compatible with Apple’s Find My network. Vanmoof cyclists will be able to sync their bikes to their device’s location services, which will open up possibilities for higher quality safety for cyclists, especially if they’re on routes outside of the city that aren’t as frequent.

Swapfiet’s electric rental expansion

Swapfiet’s green-focused rental scheme makes it easier to have regular access to cycling. Cyclists pay a monthly subscription for an electric bike that is delivered free, fully insured, and replaced almost immediately if it gets stolen or damaged.

Swapfiet has experienced such a surge in demand over the past couple of years that they’ve expanded their business to France, Belgium, and Italy.

Sustainable cycle-wear by Vaude

Switching to cycling for transport is an eco-friendly choice, but that doesn’t mean all aspects of bicycle culture are inherently sustainable. Take athletic wear, for instance. There are plenty of brands that design clothes specifically for cyclists that don’t make sustainability a priority.

If you want to ensure that your outfit matches your values, German mountain sports manufacturer Vaude has your back. Vaude makes affordable cycle wear that is good for people and the planet comprised of recycled or earth-based materials that are void of environmentally harmful fluorocarbons or PVC.

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