Today’s Solutions: September 21, 2023

The European Union’s goal is to slash 55 percent of its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and reduce carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles by 100 percent by 2035. As part of this ambition, the European Parliament has voted to ban the sale of new gas-powered cars starting in 2035.

This vote comes ahead of a broader EU discussion on the final lawmaking, which will include several environmental measures. This new law, the EU’s “Green Deal,” is still under negotiation. 

There was a proposed amendment to make the number 90 percent, but that was voted against. Many states feel that going big is the only option now. 

“It is essential that we get the emissions trading system right. ETS, as the biggest climate policy instrument, only works if we have ambitious targets for significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions,” said a member of the Swedish Green Party Jakop Dalunde.

Part of the plan requires EU member countries to boost the required infrastructure for the shift to electric cars. This will mean installing charging stations every 37.3 miles on major highways. The taxes for gas and diesel will also be increased.

While this law would ban the sale of new gas vehicles by 2035, this would not mean that owners of old gas vehicles will have to give up their cars.

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