Today’s Solutions: October 01, 2023

Last month, the Gift of Adoption Fund, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting families in completing adoptions for children in difficult circumstances, celebrated an iconic event. Since its foundation in 1996, the charity has successfully matched 5,000 children with loving families, with contributions totaling over $15 million. This momentous achievement comes as Gift of Adoption completes the adoption of three Ecuadorian brothers, ensuring their brotherly bond remains unbroken.

Gift of Adoption CEO Pam Devereux expresses the organization’s excitement, saying, “We’re incredibly grateful to our donors, volunteers, and the families with a heart for adoption – we all reached this milestone together.” This milestone marks not only Gift of Adoption’s outstanding work but also the deep influence of the collaborative efforts of individuals who believe in the power of adoption.

A journey of love and stability for Josue and his brothers

Josue, an eleven-year-old boy, is one of the 5,000 youngsters whose lives have been altered by the Gift of Adoption. Josue and his biological brothers Darwin, 9, and Abraham, 6, were adopted by Nicole and David Gonzalez of Franksville, Wisconsin. These three siblings had spent five years in an Ecuadorian orphanage, facing the prospect of separation, until the Gift of Adoption came in to help

Nicole and David had always hoped to adopt older siblings, knowing the enormous significance of growing up in a loving home. Furthermore, they were aware of the severe hurdles that children who age out of orphanages face. Gift of Adoption gave a critical donation to help cover the final adoption expenditures, ensuring that Josue, Darwin, and Abraham could enjoy the stability and love of a permanent home.

David and Nicole Gonzales with Josue, Darwin, and Abraham.

Nicole, overjoyed, emphasized her delight, adding, “Once we saw their faces, we knew we would make it work in any way we could. We are so happy that we can provide a permanent home for these brothers, and they can now grow up together in a stable environment.”

Bringing hope across the nation, one adoption at a time

The achievement of matching 5,000 children with forever families is significant to Gift of Adoption. Gene and Lucy Wyka began the organization in Wisconsin, and it has now spread to 27 chapters around the United States, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to develop and find their place in a loving household. It’s a full-circle experience that reflects Gift of Adoption’s ongoing dedication to transforming lives and forming lifelong ties.

Devereux sees this achievement as a testament to their continued efforts and a reminder of the challenges ahead. While celebrating the achievement of 5,000 children finding permanent families, Gift of Adoption recognizes that thousands of children are still waiting for their chance.

How to support Gift of Adoption’s mission

Gift of Adoption encourages everyone who is inspired by their work and able to contribute to consider contributing to the cause, whether through donations, volunteering, or applying for a grant. Visit to discover more about Gift of Adoption and how you can be a part of their transformative work.

Gift of Adoption has been recognized for its commitment to transparency and impact, gaining a four-star rating from Charity Navigator, being a BBB Accredited Charity, and being named a Platinum Transparency 2022 award recipient by Candid.

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