Today’s Solutions: April 12, 2024

Baltimore’s leaders overcame opposition to reach a revolutionary $18.4 million agreement. The 4-1 vote demonstrates the city’s commitment to combating homelessness. Despite pushback from Council President Nick Mosby, the vote illustrates that municipal leadership is determined to keep promises made nearly three years ago, highlighting the urgency of addressing homelessness.

A historic investment

This historic agreement is part of a bigger program backed by more than $40 million in government pandemic assistance. A significant portion, $90 million, is funded by the American Rescue Plan Act and the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. This is the largest investment in Baltimore’s history, demonstrating the importance of the commitment to tackling the homelessness epidemic.

From emergency to long-term housing

The two acquired hotels, Sleep Inn & Suites Downtown Inner Harbor and Holiday Inn Express Baltimore-Downtown, have a total capacity of 132 beds. Initially categorized as emergency shelters, the city’s innovative plan goes beyond providing immediate comfort. Ernestina Simmons, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Homeless Services, emphasizes a progressive agenda: “This transaction is a pathway to starting that,” referring to the conversion of these spaces into subsidized units for the unhoused.

Navigating complex negotiation and extended timelines

The path to securing this historic contract was far from easy. The acquisition was fraught with delays and difficulties, with city officials struggling to finalize budgets and navigate a long schedule. Despite obstacles, the city is committed to delivering sustainable, long-term housing alternatives to individuals in need.

A comprehensive vision

Once the city takes over operations at the end of the year, the hotels will be converted into “permanent supportive housing.” This novel type of affordable housing combines subsidized rent with a variety of social services, healthcare, counseling, and other necessary supports. The city plans to work with a nonprofit provider to improve citizens’ well-being, assuring a comprehensive approach to addressing homelessness.

The $18.4 million allotted for the Holiday Inn and Sleep Inn represents a small portion of the total American Rescue Plan Act funding originally set forth for shelter acquisitions. Leach discusses the strategic distribution of leftover monies, emphasizing a comprehensive strategy to meet multiple homeless service needs, including the upkeep of current shelter space.

A strategy for homelessness solutions

As the city moves forward in its objective, a precise strategy emerges. 

The plan includes the implementation of outreach activities to ensure that persons suffering from homelessness receive not just shelter but also counseling assistance. This method seeks to treat root causes, such as mental health difficulties and addiction.

Recognizing the significance of health in total well-being, the city is forming relationships with healthcare providers. Access to medical care and mental health services will be key components of the overall homelessness plan.

Building a supportive community is viewed as critical in providing an atmosphere in which those moving out of homelessness can thrive.

Ongoing efforts to increase shelter capacity

City Administrator Faith Leach emphasizes the city’s continued efforts to expand shelter capacity, demonstrating a willingness to consider diverse possibilities. The city is still open to short-term leases, long-term leases, and permanent purchases. Since the pandemic began, Baltimore’s shelter capacity has shrunk, and officials are actively seeking nuanced solutions to meet the changing requirements of the homeless population.

Advocacy and collaboration

Recognizing the obstacles ahead, homelessness advocate Christina Flowers supports hotel purchases while emphasizing the complications of servicing the homeless community. Flowers emphasizes the significance of a thorough and empathic approach while dealing with addiction and mental health challenges.


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