Today’s Solutions: June 28, 2022

Grief and loss are natural life experiences; no one is exempt from pain and heartache. But knowing that others have gone through similar pain doesn’t make it any easier, nor does it present an obvious path for overcoming the hurt.

We all deal with grief in our own ways, and although there is no right or way to grieve, there are some things you can remember when you’re struggling that will help you heal your soul.

  1. You want to stay present with your feelings. Instead of pushing pain away, try to bring awareness to the feeling and see if you can stay present with whatever you notice. This can lead to profound insights into your feelings.
  2. Plan ahead for special days. By predicting a grief reaction and planning ahead, it allows you to cope better.
  3. It’s important to understand the fluidity of grief. Coping with grief can be a zigzag across different stages of pain with no particular order, and being conscious of this will only help you as you go along.
  4. You’re not alone. You have people you can talk to that can help usher in feeling of common humanity.
  5. Try to meditate. Practicing meditation can help you cultivate self-compassion while also clearing your mind a bit.
  6. Continue to connect with your loved ones. You may want to avoid anything that makes you revisit your loss, but when grieving a loved one, it can be helpful to intentionally connect with that person by doing things that remind you of them, like listening to a particular song or eating a dish they loved.
  7. Don’t be afraid to seek help. You don’t need to heal your soul alone.
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