Today’s Solutions: June 30, 2022

If you’re an avid runner, you’ve probably experienced shin splints at one point or the other.The term “shin splints” refers to lower leg pain below the knee, either on the front part of the leg or on the inside. Shin splints often feel like a casual stabbing pain piercing through your muscles and bones, signaling the need to cut back on mileage, take a break, and rest. For runners, shin splints are one of the most frustrating injuries out there because even if your whole body feels fit, the stabbing pain in your shins can stop you dead in your tracks. Luckily, if you’re the proactive type, there’s a few stretches and exercises you can do to keep your legs from succumbing to the misery of shin splints. From calf stretches to toe unstable squats, here are eight stretches and exercises you can do to help you fend off shin splints.

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