The president of Molise, an underpopulated region in southern Italy, has a lucrative offer for you. According to the Guardian, if you move to Molise, you will be offered €700 per month for three years to live in one of its villages. That’s €25,000 in three years’ time. 

There are a few catches, however, the village must have fewer than 2,000 residents, and the newcomer must pledge to open a business. The idea behind the offer is not only to increase the population but to breathe life and culture back into the region. 

According to the Italian National Institute of Statistics (Istat), Molise, with a population of 305,000, is among the regions that have lost more inhabitants in recent years. An excess of 9,000 have left since 2014. Keen for a change of scenery? If so, this may be one of the finest chances you ever have for a big move.