New plant-based protein shakes let you bulk up without meat or dairy

For those of you who want to build muscle but are staying away from meat and dairy as protein sources, we have the perfect thing for you: plant-based protein shakes.

Natural food and beverage startup Grounded has launched a dairy-free line of protein shakes that contain 20 grams of protein from plants. On top of that, the plant-based protein shakes are gluten-, GMO-, nut- and soy-free. Or as Grounded puts it, their shakes are “crap-free”!

Grounded achieves the creamy feeling of a milkshake by using coconut milk, which has a similar texture to dairy milk but with a small carbon footprint. The startup also avoids the artificially sweetened flavor found in many protein shakes on the market, instead opting for two rich, delicious flavors (Milk Chocolate and Mint Choc) made from natural ingredients.

Ingredients include organic, fair-trade cocoa powder, pure vanilla extract, pink Himalayan salt, and pea protein. Of course, you can’t claim you’re environmentally conscious if you’re using plastic these days, which is why Grounded’s shakes are packaged in 100 percent recyclable cartons that are also made from plants.

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