Stuck at home? Here are 18 easy ways to stay active

With the rapid rise of Covid-19 cases, many regions are returning to stricter stay-at-home orders. If you’re struggling to stay active within the confines of your home and neighborhood, we’ve got some tips for you! Here are 18 ways to keep moving with minimal space.

  1. Walk! Let’s start with the basics. Whether it’s around your house, backyard, or the block, aim for 10,000 steps a day. 
  2. Think about a pet. Getting a dog can be a great way to get you out and walking every day. If you’re not ready to commit to adopting one, consider fostering. 
  3. Get cleaning. Deep cleaning like vacuuming, scrubbing the shower, or washing your car can be great ways to build some arm strength and keep a tidier home.
  4. Dance. Dancing is great cardio and you can do it anytime. Bust out your best moves while cooking, cleaning, or whenever you’re in the mood to groove. 
  5. Multitask with TV. If you’re someone who likes to unwind with TV, take that time to incorporate a workout into your day. Squats, lunges, and stretching are all great to do while you binge your favorite show. 
  6. Pick up a podcast or audiobook. Want to exercise but get bored? Throw on your favorite podcast or audiobook while doing yoga or walking to keep yourself distracted. 
  7. Get a resistance band. These bands are fairly inexpensive and are a great way to take your workouts to the next level without buying weights. There are infinite workout ideas online with bands, get googling, and get going!
  8. Try new cardio. Jumping jacks, burpees, and mountain climbers are just some of the many exercises that will get your heart pumping and don’t require much space. 
  9. Online workout classes. Many studios and online workout instructors have pivoted their workouts to be accommodating of at-home settings. Sign up for a class or just look one up online. 
  10. Yoga. This relaxing practice will keep you in shape and calm your mind. Plus, it only requires enough space for your mat. 
  11. Stretch at work. We spend a lot of time sitting, so remember to incorporate stretching into your workday. Shoulder rolls, neck stretches, and cat-cows are all great ways to loosen up during the day. 
  12. Laundry time workouts. Need motivation? Commit to working out the next time you put a load of laundry in and exercise until it’s ready to be dried. Bonus points if you squat with your laundry basket. 
  13. Stand up. Try standing during your daily activities like working, folding laundry, or virtual happy hours. 
  14. Garden. Gardening can be very physically demanding. You can get a good workout in and beautify your yard all at once. 
  15. Get active with your partner.  This one speaks for itself. If you’re sheltering with a partner, get busy!
  16. Morning stretches. The alarm clock goes off but you’re not ready to get up yet? Check out our article on stretches you can do from bed. 
  17. Walk during calls. If your job keeps you on the phone a lot, take your calls on the move. Plus, walking can help stimulate great new ideas. 
  18. Fake a commute. We recently shared the benefits of adding a fake commute to your work from home routine. If you do this on foot or bike, it is a great way to start your day with a bit of exercise. 

Working from home and reduced social activities can mean we’re moving our bodies a lot less than we used to. Use these tips to add a bit more movement into your day and even make working out from home fun!

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