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Boost your immunity and stay cool with these 5 Indian summer drinks

The pandemic has taught us many valuable lessons, one of them being the importance of boosting our immune systems. This summer, beat the heat while bolstering your body’s ability to fight off illnesses with these five Indian summer drinks.

Mint lassi

Mint is a great source of antioxidants and minerals, as well as vitamins C, E, and A, which make it a great immunity-boosting ingredient. To make a mint lassi, put some curd in the mixer, add some sugar and fresh mint leaves, and churn. Toss in a few ice cubes to chill it, garnish with a bit of cumin powder and more fresh mint leaves, and your mint lassi is ready to serve.

Sandalwood iced tea

Classic iced tea is already refreshing, but adding sandalwood, which has natural cooling properties and anti-microbial properties, will take your drink to the next level. Add cinnamon and lemon to elevate the flavor even more.

Bela pana (Bel sharbat)

You can find Bela, also known as wood apple, growing across India. It’s rich in fiber, making it an effective digestive aid, and vitamin C. This thirst-quenching drink will keep your insides cool and act as an antidote to sunstroke.

Aam panna

Mango, the star ingredient in this flavorful drink, is full of immune-boosting vitamin C. To make the drink you’ll need raw mango, cumin seed powder, black salt, and jaggery. Add ice-cold water to the mix and serve at once.

Classic nimbu pani

Nimbu pani directly translated from Hindi means lemon/lime water. The recipe of the drink varies slightly from region to region, but generally includes fresh lime or lemon soda, mint, and lime simple syrup. You can customize it (and boost its nutritional value) by adding mint leaves, lemon slices, cumin powder, rock salt, or orange slices.

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