Today’s Solutions: December 03, 2021

Most of us dreaded eating broccoli as children, but now that we’re a bit older, we’re realizing that this versatile veggie makes the perfect addition to a whole range of dishes. What’s more, it’s also full of healthy nutrients to fuel your body. Here are a few reasons why you should add more of this cruciferous vegetable to your meal plan.

It’s full of nutrients 

In one cup of broccoli, you’ll get 70 mg of vitamin C, 230 mg of potassium, and 1.82 grams of fiber. It’s low-calorie and can be cooked in a variety of ways, but be careful not to overcook it as that can lead to nutrient loss.

It’s heart-healthy 

A 2018 review of studies found that cruciferous vegetables have cardiovascular health benefits. This is especially important as heart disease is the highest cause of death in the US.

Can reduce cancer risk 

High sulforaphane content in cruciferous vegetables has been linked to a lower risk of certain types of cancer. Although this has not been definitively proven, it certainly doesn’t hurt to add some extra broccoli to your dinner.

Supports digestive health 

Research has found that broccoli reduces gastrointestinal inflammation and supports a healthy gut microbiome for improved digestive health.

It’s good for your skin

As we mentioned above, a single serving of broccoli yields almost your entire recommended vitamin C intake for a day. Vitamin C antioxidants have been shown to slow aging and promote healthier skin. 

It’s full of antioxidants

Moving on to antioxidants, broccoli is full of many, like lutein and zeaxanthin, which help counteract oxidative stress.

We all know that veggies are good for us, but different vegetables offer different unique health benefits. This is why many nutritionists tell us to “eat the rainbow.” Add some green to your plate with health benefits for your body by adding broccoli to your next dinner.

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