Today’s Solutions: March 21, 2023

If you need another reason to adopt healthy hydration habits, look no further—according to research presented at a European Society of Cardiology last week, regular proper hydration helps stave off heart failure.

Now, the keyword here is “regular,” which means reaching and maintaining good levels of hydration over a long period of time. The bad news is that the research from the National Institutes of Health demonstrates that most people worldwide aren’t reaching the minimum hydration level for cardiological benefits.

“Our study suggests that maintaining good hydration can prevent or at least slow down the changes within the heart that lead to heart failure,” says study author and National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute researcher Natalia Dmitrieva in a press release. “These findings indicate that we need to pay attention to the amount of fluid we consume every day and take action if we find that we drink too little.”

According to the researchers, around two to three liters of daily fluid intake for men and 1.6 to 2.1 liters per day for women would be enough to prevent any added heart failure risks associated with dehydration while offering protective effects at the same time.

Those who drink less water will likely end up with a high concentration of sodium in their body and, as the body naturally takes steps to conserve fluids, increase their risk of heart failure.

So, even as the summer season draws to an end, remember that hydration isn’t just something to worry about during the hottest months, but a year-round endeavor.

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