Today’s Solutions: December 04, 2021

Drinking water throughout the day is essential for our overall health and energy levels—however, many of us struggle with our H2O intake. According to nutritionist Lauren Slayton, when she presses clients about their water consumption, they often admit that they “don’t drink enough,” and when pressed for quantities, she receives answers like, “maybe I have a couple of cups a day.”

If this sounds like you, then don’t worry. Here are five strategies that can help you get your daily dose of life-giving water, every day.

Size matters

Studies show that the amount people consume is influenced by what they are eating or drinking out of. If your plate is bigger, you’re more likely to eat more, and the same is true for drinking. If your bottle or glass is bigger, you’ll drink more. Trade-in your standard water bottle for a giant one that can hold 64-ounces, and just keep on sipping. Plus, if you’re goal-oriented, then you’ll have the added satisfaction of finishing off that huge bottle before you call it a day.

Order water

It’s tempting to order fun and flavorful drinks when eating out, but ordering a glass of water as well will help you keep up your water intake. Alternatively, you can pack your water bottle when going out to lunch to sip on throughout the meal.

Try an app

If you enjoy tracking your steps and your food, then you might as well try the same method of motivation for water. There are plenty of water drinking apps available, like Plant Nanny, which encourages users to drink enough water to keep their virtual plants alive.

Make it fun and flavorful

If plain water doesn’t do it for you, slice some lemons, limes, or cucumber to liven up your water. If you’re not a fan of fruity flavors, then herbs are just as easy. You can throw in a sprig of fresh mint or a few basil leaves without ever having to grab a cutting board or knife.

Seeing is believing

A lot of people need to see the results in order to feel motivated, so just try to work on your water intake for a couple of weeks and pay attention to how your body looks and feels. When you realize for yourself what staying hydrated can do, then you might not struggle as much to gulp down all those ounces of water.

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