Today’s Solutions: December 08, 2022

Creating a vision board has become a common practice for people who want to have a visual representation of their dreams and goals to help focus them on the positive things they want to achieve in life. Many members of The Optimist Daily team can vouch for this activity as a fantastic tool that helps keep them on the right track.

However, turning this tool on its head and creating an anti-vision board has its own merits according to Blume co-founder Taran Ghatrora, especially if you’re struggling to get yourself out of a rut.

How to make an anti-vision board

To start your anti-vision board, try imagining where you don’t want to be in 10 years (making room for things that are beyond your control), then make a list of what you would have to do (or not do) for this worst-case scenario to come to fruition. Then, you can note what changes you would need to make in your current life to avoid the outcome represented on your anti-vision board.

Who an anti-vision board might work for

“I think this could be great for helping people with their boundaries, red flags in relationships, people-pleasing, and other negative patterns,” agrees psychotherapist Aimee Daramus, PSD, LCP. “Anyone who’s trying to up their game in relationships could use this. Anyone who wants to avoid gaslighting, who wants to be aware of exploitative work situations.” 

Daramus also says that it could be a useful tool in terms of trying to change negative patterns or avoid social pressure.

For those who tend to spiral into negative thought patterns, pairing an anti-vision board with a conventional vision board could be an effective practice. “It’s easy to move away from something negative if you know what you want to move toward instead,” Dr. Daramus adds.

Plus, having a sense of humor while you make your anti-vision board could make the activity fun, and light-hearted. As Dr. Daramus suggests, “Definitely feel free to be silly or use some gentle self-satire.”

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