Today’s Solutions: September 26, 2022

Bringing together diverse voices and perspectives helps tackle problems more effectively. One of the greatest problems we face today is the issue of climate change and climate justice. The chances we have to overcome these threats become stronger when we rally together, despite (or because of) our differences.

Here are some incredible LGBTQ+ climate organizations that deserve our attention and support, especially this Pride Month.

Out for Sustainability

Out for Sustainability, or O4S, has been bringing LGBTQ+ voices to the fore of the climate movement for over a decade. O4S sponsors service projects, summits, and events across North America. A couple of O4S initiatives include Plastic Free Pride and Qready.

Queers x Climate

Queers x Climate, or QXC, advocates for and supports LGBTQ+ activists who are passionate about tackling the climate crisis. They offer a variety of services, from communications work to litigation.

Our Climate Voices

Our Climate Voices works to make queer voices heard at the intersection of climate and LGBTQ activism. As an organization, they prioritize sharing the stories of those who are impacted most by the climate crisis, as well as those who are striving to solve it.

Queer Nature

Everyone should have the right to safe and free access to nature, however, this isn’t always the case for LGBTQ2+individuals. This is especially true for queer and trans-BIPOC people.

What Queer Nature aims to do is create a space for marginalized communities so that they can experience and learn about the natural world. Queer Nature helps teach the public by delivering justice-centered lessons, nature education, and ancestral skills.

Queer Eco Project

The Queer Eco Project is working to galvanize queer people impacted by the climate crisis and environmental injustice to rally behind queer climate and environmental activists. They launch initiatives like the #Queers4ClimateJustice that support those at the center of the climate crisis.

The Venture Out Project

Similar to Queer Nature, the Venture Out Project is focused on making the great outdoors safe and accessible to everyone. It offers wilderness trips, workshops, nature-focused events, and other opportunities for LGBTQ+ individuals to build relationships and appreciate nature.

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