Today’s Solutions: May 20, 2024

Now that the Supreme Court has decided to overturn Roe v Wade, many pregnant people will be forced to travel far and wide to access proper healthcare. This does not only include individuals who reside in states that choose to restrict or ban abortion but to those who live in states that maintain a pregnant person’s right to their own body but whose medical systems are overwhelmed by visiting patients.

Often, the exorbitant emotional, physical, and financial expenses of traveling for this procedure pile up, making an already difficult situation even more dire. Some simply cannot afford to go through with it one way or another, even if it is the best decision for their health and livelihood. 

To help alleviate some of the financial burdens of such a journey, TikTok users living in states where abortion remains legal are offering their homes as “safe spaces” to those seeking this medical procedure.


This trend, which showcases videos featuring the hashtag #wegodowntogether, first began after a Supreme Court draft about the future of Roe v Wade was leaked on May 2nd. Users film themselves promising pregnant people places to stay before and after the procedure as they recover. Usually, these trips are disguised as a “camping” vacation or a visit to a friend.

One woman, whose username is @tootsie71193 wrote in a TikTok uploaded recently: “In light of recent events… I live in Illinois, so if you need a safe place to spend time in a new state, you know for the ‘change of scenery,’ I will be a supportive friend.”

Another user, @mirandaschmidgall who lives in Minnesota, uploaded a video where she offers to help “navigate” the stay of any individual who needs to come “visit the 10,000 lakes” or see the Mall of America.

There are even TikTok users living outside of the US that is participating. Take one Canadian woman who goes by the username @confidentiallykate and lives near Niagara Falls. She informed views that she lives a mere 90 minutes from the US border and wine country, adding that she and her four sisters would “love to go ‘wine tasting’ with you and spend a few days recovering.”

So far, the hashtag #wegodowntogether has had more than 20.3 million views. The associated hashtag #ifwegodownthenwegodowntogether has more than 15.3 million views. Other TikToks that were created as a part of this trend add hundreds of thousands of views, too. In all cases, having a place to stay for free is a massive help to people seeking abortions out-of-state, and in some situations, it can be life-saving.

The effort has been met with gratitude and praise, but with many horrified at the need for such a trend.

“Every video gives me goosebumps and I tear up,” says one user. Another said: “I’m sick over this. I have four daughters. They should be able to go camping whenever they want to.”

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