Today’s Solutions: January 29, 2023

Your house can be a springboard to greater things if you’re striving for a new level of success, innovation, or expansion in your life— something many of us are aiming for especially at the beginning of the New Year. According to the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui, all riches and progress begin at home with light, flowing, harmonious energy.

One of the most practical ways to maintain a high level of energy around you is to perform a simple “home detox,” which involves removing pollutants from your living space. Allergens, dust, mold, and bacteria that collect in your home can be irritating, and they drain your home’s energy. According to designer and feng shui master Dana Claudat the following basic detox tips can help elevate any home environment.

Take your shoes off at the door

This easy practice can prevent pesticides, bacteria, and other contaminants from being tracked into the home on the bottom of shoes. Removing your shoes before entering reinforces the notion that your home is a special place, separate from the outside world.

Open windows when you cook

While cooking (especially frying or baking) it’s a good idea to have some windows open for ventilation, even if you have a sturdy oven hood. 

When it’s freezing outside, you can still quickly refresh the air in your home without it getting unbearably cold: Open one window (it doesn’t have to be wide open, just a touch more than a crack), then move to the next nearest window and do the same. Work your way around the house, opening every window. Then, once all windows are open, return to the first window and close it. Close the second window you opened, and so on until all of your windows are closed.

Shut off and even unplug electronics and small appliances

Even going as far as turning your Wi-Fi off at night is certainly an option. Doing so could help create a more tranquil environment at home and lessen the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

Clean with the simplest DIY cleaners

Although there are many excellent nontoxic cleaning products available, some of them still contain synthetic perfumes, colors, and other preservatives. Instead, try experimenting with homemade cleaning recipes. For glass cleaning, fill a spray bottle with 50/50 white vinegar and water. Vinegar is great for cleaning and has a plethora of other uses around the house.

See housecleaning as self-care

Harness the power of housecleaning! Housecleaning is a sort of self-care and improvement. Developing a regular cleaning routine can lead to increased creativity, mental clarity, and momentum in life.

Try a shower filter

Installing a shower water filter can help decrease chlorine, metals, and other odors. Each filter has varied capabilities, so it’s worth investigating your alternatives.

Ditch synthetic air fresheners

Enjoying air fresheners is completely understandable! There are now many “clean scents” available as home fragrances as well— though many aren’t entirely natural, they’re at least devoid of a variety of allergens and toxins.

Natural options include essential oil diffusers, bouquets of fresh flowers in season, potpourri, and more. By combining spices and fruits in a pot of water and simmering it on a low flame, you may fill your home with aromatic vapor.

To sum up

Even the most basic home detox changes can make a significant difference in the energy that surrounds you. To begin, do whatever feels best and simplest from this list, and luxuriate in the outcomes you experience in the New Year!

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