Today’s Solutions: June 09, 2023

Pete Dolan, a cat owner, recalls the tremendous help he received from Animal Food Bank Support UK, a Facebook organization that coordinates volunteer community support workers who supply free pet food to individuals in need, referring to everyone involved as “Angels without wings”. 

Dolan, who was struggling to make ends meet, received much-needed pet food for his cats, Frankie and Charlie, thanks to the group’s altruistic efforts. Dolan expressed gratitude for the aid, saying, “I cannot thank them enough.”

Anita Arthur, a volunteer at Geordie Bullies Springboard Rescue, founded Animal Food Bank Support UK in December 2022. It is one of over 160 pet food banks in the UK, most of which are run by volunteers and funded by donations. With over 1,600 members, this humane network continues to grow, demonstrating the number of people and businesses committed to ensuring that no pets go hungry.

Pets as a source of comfort and companionship

Pet ownership in the UK increased during the pandemic, with an estimated 3.2 million new homes embracing animal companions. However, the high expense of living creates considerable difficulties for many pet owners. According to a recent survey, roughly a fifth of consumers are using cheaper pet food brands and feeding their pets leftovers from their own plates. According to the animal welfare organization Blue Cross, 42 percent of pet owners are finding it difficult to finance pet care bills due to the present economic crisis.

Helen MacAffer, co-founder of the Isle of Man’s Pet Food Pantry, saw the growing prices of pet food and wanted to help. MacAffer and her companion Marie Williams, who both work full-time, gather and transport pet food from all around the island. Their efforts have already aided more than 35 families and a few of charities, having a far-reaching positive influence. MacAffer emphasizes the good effects of pet ownership on mental health, particularly during difficult circumstances.

Solutions for a better future through collaboration

Blue Cross launched a coordinated nationwide response in response to the acute need for assistance. The group includes 13 places where pet food contributions are directly provided to the public, as well as an additional 50 locations where consumers can contribute food, including over 200 Pets at Home stores. Blue Cross media officer Emma Sword tells pet owners that extensive help, ranging from psychiatric and behavioral treatments to their network of pet food banks, is accessible. The group encourages anyone who is having difficulty caring for their pet to seek help as soon as possible.

Dominic Dyer, an animal welfare activist, has asked the government to step in and help. Dyer’s petition for a cost-of-living animal welfare crisis fund seeks to protect needy dogs and cats. Dyer recommends a number of remedies, including putting pet food sections into all food banks, which would be partially supported by the government, and pushing manufacturers to contribute. In addition, he advises that the chancellor consider lowering VAT on pet food, mirroring the Dogs Trust’s request.

Thousands of pet owners in the UK continue to rely on the unshakable dedication of volunteers and the compassion of strangers in the middle of the ongoing cost-of-living crisis. Their combined efforts ensure that beloved pets remain with their owners during tough times. “If it hadn’t been for Animal Food Bank Support UK, I would have had to give Frankie and Charlie to a rescue center so they could eat and be happy,” Dolan admits. Fortunately, such harsh steps were avoided because of the community’s compassion and assistance.

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