Today’s Solutions: June 10, 2023

America has a food waste problem, with the USDA estimating somewhere between 30 to 40 percent of the food supply winding up in the trash bin. To make something valuable out of all that wasted food, entrepreneur Amy Keller has created a startup that saves produce destined for the landfill and turns it into Faves, which are healthy candies made of “nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables.”

On-the-go millennials and GenZers who crave a healthy, tasty snack is the initial primary target market, as well as athletes who need quick energy sources on the go, such as triathletes. Kelly is looking to market Faves for the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo next July, and has already tested the product on athletes.

“Earlier this year, a few Chicago Cubs players climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and we were able to give them Faves for their backpacks,” recalled Keller. “They realized they couldn’t carry any fruits and vegetables on that trip, so we became a healthy substitute.”

With their sweet taste and ability to cut food waste, Kelly hopes Faves will improve and disrupt the $80 billion candy industry.

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