Today’s Solutions: September 25, 2022

There’s really nothing like a cup of coffee in the morning, giving you comfort and a boost of energy to start off your day. With that said, there are ways to enhance your morning cup of Joe, both in terms of taste and health benefits. Here are 7 tips from MindBodyGreen that will help you elevate your coffee game to new heights.

Properly store your beans

As stated by third-generation coffee farmer Margaret Nyamumbo, “Oxygen, moisture, and light are the enemies to coffee’s freshness.” That’s why you must make sure to store fresh coffee beans in an airtight, opaque container in the pantry, cupboard, or on the counter. 

Buy dark-roasted, fresh coffee beans

When it comes to beans, dark-roasted beans support brain health better than medium roast beans. That’s because dark-roasted beans tend to have the lowest levels of acrylamide, which is a chemical found in roasted coffee beans that can “inhibit neurotransmission, destroy dopamine neurons, and increase oxidative stress.”

Grind your coffee beans before each brew

Whole beans hold their flavor for longer, so grinding them just before you brew will give you the ultimate taste experience.

Make it cold brew

Although the warmth from a cup of coffee is half the joy, a cold brew can be better for your health. Cold brew coffee is said to have 65 percent less acidity than regular hot coffee, according to registered dietitian Nour Zibdeh. This doesn’t mean you have to drink cold coffee all the time. Zibdeh says the “cold” in cold brew simply refers to the actual brewing process, not the final product. That means you can reheat the coffee after the cold brew process.

Try microdosing

Rather than gulp down a couple of cups of coffee, drinking it in small amounts can help you eliminate jitters or avoid the unwanted afternoon energy crash. Marvin Singh, M.D., says it takes about 60 to 100 mg of caffeine to reach the optimal energy zone, so drinking 10mg at a time is a good way to distribute that caffeine into your body throughout the day.

Add non-dairy milk

Plant-based milk such as oat or cashew milk can help those with soy or dairy allergies and are perfect for those following a plant-based diet. Plus, it will make your coffee taste great.

Add some healthy fats

This may sound odd, but adding grass-fed butter and/or MCT oils to your coffee may increase focus, stabilize energy levels, and keep you fuller longer.

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