Today’s Solutions: December 03, 2023

Good sleep is key to good health, but how can you be sure you’re really getting the rest you need? Today we bring you four ways to determine how well you’re sleeping for improved rest and overall wellness.

Length of sleep

How long you sleep is the number one indicator of sleep, but this doesn’t just mean hours slept, it also means establishing regular sleep and wake time. Subtract the average time it takes you to fall asleep from hours slept to determine your real sleep time and then figure out a regular sleep and wake time that works with your schedule and provides at least eight hours.

Wake up feel

How you feel when you wake up is another good indicator of sleep quality. Do you consistently feel refreshed or groggy? Try adding an hour to your sleep time for a week as well as your sleep and wake times to see how they affect morning energy levels.

Number of wakes

Do you find yourself waking often during the night? This is generally a sign of poor sleep, but the cause could be anything from stress to noise to room temperature. Try improving your sleep environment and see if it helps.

Daytime energy

Sleep and food fuel us for the day ahead, but poor sleep could leave you feeling exhausted and lethargic by mid-afternoon. If you can’t get through the day without naps and afternoon coffee, adjusting your sleep schedule could be a more effective long-term solution.

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