Today’s Solutions: December 08, 2023

What does it mean to rest well? Resting doesn’t just mean closing your eyes and hoping for the best—there are varied approaches to rest that can suit the spectrum of needs we go through daily. Read through these five different ways to rest to see which kind(s) your body is craving the most at this moment.

Time on pause

Burnout is a word that we are seeing everywhere these days—and that’s because it’s a real problem that many people are struggling with. You can experience burnout for many reasons, some of them being taking on too many responsibilities or not setting up healthy boundaries.

To mitigate the effects of burnout, it’s important to allow yourself a break from responsibility. This can mean pressing pause for one day, for 30 minutes, or for an entire week. Remember, beating burnout is impossible without rest.

Time alone

Intentionally carving out time to spend with yourself can help you recenter and refresh. Alone time gives you the opportunity to reflect on your circumstances and what’s happening around you. This can bring clarity around how you’re feeling, and checking in with yourself can help you get a better feel for what your boundaries should be when life gets stressful and tiring.

Time sleeping

Sometimes, life gets so busy that we stop prioritizing our sleep by working late into the night and rising early in the morning—but we can only do that for so long before our body gives in to the need for some good shut-eye.

Experts say that adults should be getting seven or more hours of uninterrupted sleep every night, so if you know you’re not hitting that mark, then perhaps you should consider revising your sleeping habits.

Time outdoors

Spending time in nature has plenty of mental health benefits, so the next time you reach for the television remote or your cellphone for some passive scrolling, perhaps reconsider and throw on a pair of shoes instead for a revitalizing outdoor relaxation session. Even a short walk around the block can help you feel more refreshed than you’d expect.

Time with others

In our day-to-day lives, we tend to have to interact with people that we may not know well, such as acquaintances, colleagues, and employees. While these social interactions can be pleasant, we are often quite aware of our roles and how we are expected to behave, which can be an exhausting experience.

So, when you get the chance to spend time around people that make you feel comfortable to be your authentic self, take it! Spending time with those who care for you and boost your mood is another way to recharge your batteries and rest.

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