Today’s Solutions: January 25, 2022

Temperatures are dipping and snowflakes are falling, but that doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to our outdoor social gatherings. Plus, it might not always be safe to gather indoors, and everyone will have different comfort levels surrounding indoor gatherings.

Even if you hate the cold, there are ways that you can make the most of it and continue having enjoyable outdoor social gatherings.

Retain and feed your heat

According to CityLab reporter and author of “How to Socialize in the Cold Without Being Miserable” Linda Poon, retaining the heat you have is an effective way of staying warm. Poon suggests taking along a blanket, cushion, or pad to sit on, because “you don’t want to plant your butt on a metal bench or the frozen ground.”

Eat snacks high in fat, calories, and protein

Boosting your calorie intake by bringing snacks will also help generate metabolic energy to stay warm. “You want something high in fat, calories, and protein,” she says. “If you want a Snickers bar, now is your chance to eat a Snickers bar.”

Stay hydrated (but not with alcohol)

Even though that deliciously warm cup of mulled wine may provide quick relief from the cold, it won’t last and will end up cooling your body’s base temperature in the long run.

Dress like an onion

A lot of your comfort level will depend on your outfit, so Appalachian Mountain Club guide Clare Arentzen says to “dress like an onion… it’s all about layers.”

That said, Paul Sannicandro, owner of Moose Woods Guide Service in Millinocket, Maine, suggests avoiding cotton as your first layer, because cotton loses its insulating properties when you sweat.

Instead, you should opt for something made of wool or moisture-wicking synthetic fabric that has a tight fit for your first layer. Then add flannels, a down coat, and top it all off with a good windbreaker.

Winterize your mind

Embracing winter means changing your mindset. Welcome the snow and the cold when it comes instead of dreading its appearance and hiding indoors. If you grew up in a seasonal country, think back on your favorite winter memories. You may find that many of these happy childhood moments actually took place outside, playing in the snow and engaging with nature.

As adults, this can be easy to forget, but if you’re intentional about reframing the winter season in your mind, then winter may just become your favorite time of year to frolic outdoors.

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