Today’s Solutions: September 27, 2023

Did you know that 42 percent of Americans meet the criteria for clinical vitamin D insufficiency? Research shows that we need at least 3,000 IU vitamin D3 each day, but how do we know if we’re getting enough? Here are four signs you may be vitamin D deficient.

Bone health

Vitamin D facilitates the absorption of calcium, so low vitamin D levels can result in poor bone health.

Low mood

Vitamin D deficiency is holistic, putting the whole body at risk, including our mental wellbeing. Research has established a link between low mood and insufficient vitamin D intake, so if you have mood health concerns, vitamin D levels could be a good place to start.

Poor immune resilience

Vitamin D is essential to immune health, so whether you find yourself getting sick a lot or you just want to boost your overall immune health, vitamin D is a critical factor.

Brain fog

Vitamin D supports daily brain function, so low levels of intake could result in brain fog or fatigue.

Who is susceptible to vitamin D deficiency?

Many people don’t get enough of this critical vitamin, but certain groups are especially vulnerable to deficiency. People with darker skin tones have a reduced ability to produce vitamin D from UV rays as well as those who live in especially cloudy or dark regions. Those who are overweight, have health issues impacting their liver or kidneys, and those on low-fat diets are all also slightly more at risk of deficiency.

How do I get more vitamin D? 

Spending the recommended five to 30 minutes in direct sun three times a week is a good starting place, but vitamin D is also sourced through diet. Check out this article on five foods high in vitamin D. If you don’t feel like you’re getting the necessary vitamin D through your diet, talk to your physician about a vitamin D supplement.

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