Need more vitamin D? Add these 5 foods to your diet

The shorter days of winter months combined with more time indoors due to covid-19 restrictions means most of us are spending less time in the sunshine than we used to. As we head into winter, it’s important to up your intake of vitamin D to maintain healthy calcium absorption, lessen inflammation, and reduce the risk of chronic disease. At a time when all of us are focusing on our health a bit more, incorporate these five foods into your diet to boost vitamin D intake, and keep your immune system strong. 

  1. Egg yolks. One egg yolk contains 10 percent of your daily value of vitamin D, so don’t skip the yolks in your next omelet!
  2. Salmon. Salmon is not only a great source of omega-3, one three-ounce serving also provides 71 percent of your daily intake on vitamin D.
  3. Tuna. Although not quite as rich in vitamin D as salmon, this versatile fish makes it easy to up your vitamin D intake in sandwich or sushi form. 
  4. Mushrooms. We frequently recommend increasing consumption of this superfood and when it comes to vitamin D, there’s no exception. A cup of white mushroom offers 46 percent of your daily vitamin D needs, so add some to your next soup, pizza, or scramble.
  5. 2% milk. Milk is one of the most well-known sources of vitamin D, but if you don’t eat dairy, don’t fret, the other options in this list are great choices too!

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