Today’s Solutions: June 02, 2023

You can buy all the fancy moisturizers in the world, but it turns out, an ever-expanding body of research on skincare suggests that what you put in your face can be just as important as what you put on it.

If you want to brighten up dull skin and achieve that dewy glow, David Wolfe, self-proclaimed alternative-health guru, and author of The Beauty Diet, has some tried and true suggestions.

Along with the usual suspects of avocado, cocoa, chia, and quinoa, Wolfe’s “beauty diet” also includes consuming “super-herbs” such as schizandra, tulsi, and white peony root.

To protect skin from premature aging, Wolfe says to try to include foods that have superior oils and antioxidants like olive, coconut, and sea buckthorn oil. Aloe vera, pearl powder, and turmeric will also help smooth out wrinkles.

For the best results, he recommends adding certain minerals into the mix, especially magnesium, which according to Wolfe “is an important mineral because it controls processes of detoxification and promotes healthy alkaline tissues.”

If you want your skin, hair, and nails to shine, then increase your intake of silica. This mineral can be found in cucumbers, bell peppers, and tomatoes.

Lastly, the third mineral he recommends is sulfur, which “promotes flexible tissue, reduces scar tissue, and has anti-aging qualities.”

Summer is an especially important time to look out for your skin. If you’d like more tips on how you can protect your skin, check out this article as well.

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